Used Pianos

Find out if one of our used pianos is right for you!

Can I save money by buying a used piano?

Nearly every piano shopper considers purchasing a used piano. The two most important considerations when considering a used piano are:

What condition is it in today?
How long is it going to stay that way?

Madison Piano Place, LLC will ensure our used pianos in Madison, Wisconsin are in excellent condition and will last for years.

How Do Pianos Age?

Pianos are remarkable machines. The good ones last for generations and even when they are tired and worn out inside, they still look pretty good. Knowing what to look for is the first step in finding a great used piano and avoiding money-pits. We also recommend getting a thorough inspection or appraisal of any used piano you are thinking about buying.

Used Piano Tips


Get a thorough written appraisal from a qualified technician, not a tuner, before purchasing a used piano.


Beware of anyone who tells you that a used piano is better than a new piano.


Don’t be fooled by anyone telling you that an upright piano has been reconditioned or rebuilt.


The only reason to buy a used piano is because they cost less. There is no “antique” value to old pianos.

Consider that you may find a new piano for close to the same price as used!

Over the years, dozens of countries and hundreds of companies have produced pianos. It’s safe to assume that, all things being equal, a new piano will perform better and last longer than an old piano. Why? Because piano building technology continues to improve, especially wood curing and metallurgy.

Pianos are made mostly of wood and carry 20-40 tons of tension.  Time, temperature and tension take a toll on the structure of every piano whether it’s the seasonal changes here in the Midwest or potential mold and rust in humid climates. Also, the main mechanical part of the piano, the action, wears over time just like any other machine.

Bargain or Health Hazard?

We see pianos with black mold and rodent droppings more often than you would think. While we agree that it’s great fun to find a deal, there are some good reasons while an old piano should be carefully evaluated. By the time you have the piano appraised, pay the movers to deliver it and get it tuned and/or repaired, you may be close to the price of a new piano!

At Madison Piano Place, LLC, the price difference between new and used may be closer than you thought!

At Madison Piano Place, LLC we have a continually changing inventory of used pianos in Madison, both grand and upright, from well known brands like Yamaha, Kawai, Seiler, Pramberger, Baldwin and Kimball.