Piano Refinishing

Yes, there is such a thing as 'more-unique.'

Refinishing a piano means the re-coating of the external case of the piano. This process can take the exterior of a dingy looking piano and turn it into a glossy and brand-new looking instrument. Expert piano repair, reconditioning, and restoration procedures can extend the life of your piano. And, in many cases, the work can be performed at a fraction of the price of buying a new piano of equivalent size and quality. Not every piano will qualify as a worthwhile piano restoration project, of course. That’s because the required work can sometimes cost a great deal more than the value of the piano (in the marketplace) after all work is complete. In making a piano restoration decision, we understand that the sentimental value of your piano is often more important than the monetary value. Especially if you’re wanting to keep the piano in your family for generations to come. After a thorough inspection and evaluation of your instrument, we can advise you of restorative options, costs, and potential value after the work is completed.

In today’s disposable consumer world, it’s gratifying to know that a piano that was built fifty to one hundred years ago can be brought back to its original magnificent state. At Madison Piano Place, LLC, we have worked hard to develop the team and gain the skill to able to complete such a task. Whether your piano needs a touch-up performed in your home, or if it requires a complete refinishing, our full service refinishing department has the equipment and expertise to revitalize your instrument. Please call us at (608) 203-9726 for an in-home consultation or Contact Us.