Professional Piano Repair

Repairing Your Piano

A piano has over 12,000 moving parts, and most of them are made of natural materials like wood and felt. The mechanism is often assembled by hand as well, and over time the components may expand, warp, compress, wear out, or even break due to frequent playing, changing temperature, and high or low humidity levels.

Tuners and Technicians with Years of Experience

Fortunately, Madison Piano Place, LLC offers piano repair in Wisconsin. We are uniquely qualified to give loving care to any piano. Our tuners and technicians have years of experience servicing all brands and models of pianos. With their expertise, our technicians can correct the moving parts and replace or repair worn and broken parts, leaving your piano performing like new.

We can also help with tuning, regulation, voicing, or a complete key action rebuild. If your piano has broken, worn, or missing hammers, or sticking and sluggish notes, we can take care of that, too. In addition, we can do string replacement and cleaning.

Accessible, Responsive, and Fair

Over the years we have developed and refined our piano repair process, and the quality of our work is obvious in all the instruments we’ve worked on. We provide the highest quality piano repair in Madison – you will not find anyone like us. We have also perfected the art of tailoring our service to meet your piano and budget requirements.

Wisconsin piano owners also choose us for piano repairs because we are accessible and responsive to your concerns. Our work is unparalleled, our prices are fair, and we care for your piano as if it were our very own.

If you’re looking for experts in piano repair in Madison, Wisconsin, give Madison Piano Place, LLC a try. You’ll like what you hear!