Piano Moving

Professional Piano Moving at Madison Piano Place, LLC

When it is time to move your piano to a new home, or to move a new piano into your home, call a professional piano mover to get the job done properly.  We have decades of experience piano moving Madison, and we take care of your instrument in a way that no regular mover can.  When moving your piano in Madison, we will confirm that we have the proper equipment to do the move safely and with no damage.

Do I need to tune my piano after moving it?

A stable piano can withstand being moved from one spot to another, even one home to another, without needing to be tuned immediately. If a piano becomes noticeably out of tune being moved a short distance, it is a good idea to have it inspected by a qualified piano technician.

Safely handling and piano moving Madison is our business. Call Madison Piano Place, LLC today to schedule a move.

Proper Packing and Moving

It should come as no surprise that piano moving is an extremely complicated job. It is very different from moving other items, given the heavy weight and awkward shape of a piano.

It demands significant human strength and a great deal of knowledge of both the inside and outside of your instrument. For instance, some pianos are made from different types of wood, and understanding these woods and how to protect them during the move is important. Only movers trained and experienced in piano moving, such as Madison Piano Place, LLC, should handle such a task.

Before the move, we make sure to carefully wrap the instrument so that the surface is not scuffed or scratched. During the move, we take extra care when moving in tight spaces, stairways, and elevators and use special tools and equipment when loading, transporting, and unloading.

Our office staff, drivers, and movers maintain high quality and professional customer service as well, taking care of your piano every step of the way.