Piano Appraisal

We have helped thousands of families and estates with piano appraisal. We help determine the condition and accurate value of their pianos. Whether your buying or selling a used piano, it takes an expert who understands piano building and the current resale climate to determine the fair-market value of any piano. A guess from someone less qualified is, well… it’s just a guess.

Our uniquely qualified technicians will perform their assessment in about an hour. Shortly after their visit, you will receive a detailed report and assessment of the piano’s condition, inside and out, and fair-market value.

Protect yourself by getting a thorough piano appraisal before purchasing any used piano, even from someone you know.

Our appraisal begins with our 6 point inspection and will include wholesale value as is, estimated cost of repairs, value after suggested repairs and new replacement value.

We will cover:


Pinblock: The pinblock is the most crucial element of the piano. It’s responsible for keeping the piano in tune, when this fails the piano is no longer tunable. We take precise measurements to determine long term tuning stability to help determine the condition and longevity of the pinblock.

Soundboard: The soundboard is the voice and soul of your piano. We’ll take precise measurements and inspect for compression ridges and cracks. Also check the condition of all glue joints and ribs. This will insure the tone and quality of the piano.

Action: We’ll inspect hammers and action parts to determine current condition and then let you know the expected longevity of the current parts. We’ll let you know any suggested repairs we see coming down the road.

Strings: We inspect the strings for tonal quality, tunability, resilience and expected string longevity.

Piano Parts Assessment: We’ll take a deep inspection of the more than 11000 moving parts of your piano. To determine how your piano is functioning and performing now and what to expect in repairs and longevity.

Cosmetic: The finish of your piano cabinet is the first impression of your piano. We’ll assess the condition of the finish, inspect the veneer, hardware and keys for possible cosmetic issues.

Here are common used piano problems an appraisal will uncover:

    1. Cracked braces make it impossible for a piano to keep tune. Often, sellers will cover this part of the piano with felt to hide the damage.
    2. Filling soundboard cracks with putty is a cheap way to keep them from buzzing for awhile.
    3. Rodent droppings and mold (especially upright pianos with humidifiers) are common in used pianos and are dangerous. Only have them removed by a qualified professional.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Appraisals

piano appraisal Madison

Q. Does the appraiser have to look at the actual piano to determine the value?

A: YesPart of coming up with a realistic value is determining the condition and any repairs the piano may need. Any piano appraisal without an inspection is just a guess.

Q. Will you perform a piano appraisal on a piano that I found somewhere else?

A: Yes. We’ll be happy to act as your agent to make sure you know exactly what you’re buying.

Q. A friend is trying to sell their piano, but I feel funny telling them that I want to have someone look at it first. What should I do?

A: Tell your friends that you are interested in the piano but know nothing about them. Most people may know the last time their piano was tuned, but have no idea of the actual condition. Explaining that you want to make sure you’re paying them a fair price will put them at ease.

Q. Our piano teacher/friend says they know a lot about pianos and offered to look at a piano for us. Should I take them up on their offer?

A: If your teacher or friend has experience repairing and rebuilding lots of pianos, advertise themselves to be qualified piano appraisers, and they’re willing to stand behind their appraisal if they miss something, then you may not need us. Before you spend your money and move a piano, it’s always safest to have a qualified technician perform the appraisal.

Q. How much does this service cost?

A: Rates vary based on where the piano is located. Contact us for more information. If you are considering purchasing a piano from a private party or another piano dealer, eliminate the guesswork. Talk with one of our piano experts via email or by calling (608) 203-9726.