Piano repair services, Quality tuning, restoration, and moving services by people who know and love pianos.

piano repair service

We are uniquely qualified to give loving care to any piano. Our tuners and technicians have years of experience servicing all brands and models of pianos.

A technician who understands piano building and rebuilding is better able to diagnose problems and to fix problems before they become problems.

And our techs are among the very best in the country. In addition to their unparalleled experience and training histories, they spend several weeks each year refining their skills at the famed C.F. Theodore Steinway Technical University (STU) in New York.  Ben Garber holds a Masters Degree in Piano Technology from Rice University, a very rare distinction.

While many make the claim, our technicians are among the only STU technicians in the area. Even if you own a different piano, it can get Steinway care.


Get better performance and a longer life out of your pianos with simple maintenance.

Tuning – Even if your piano is not played often, it experiences seasonal changes. Regular tunings will protect your investment (twice a year is recommended).

Pitch Raise – A piano technician can only tell if a piano needs a pitch raise when they begin tuning the piano. However, it’s safe to assume any piano that has not been tuned in a year or more needs a pitch raise. A pitch raise will keep an out-of-tune piano in tune much longer.
Note: Pitch raising a piano with loose tuning pins will not keep it in tune longer. Loose pins indicate a catastrophic failure of the pinblock, which basically means the piano is no longer able to be used as a reliable instrument.

Repair – If anything is giving you trouble with your piano from the pedals to a buzzing sound, contact us to give you an estimate for repair.  Often it is beneficial to have us do a 6 point inspection to be sure that the repair is comprehensive.

Regulation – Every ten years or so, small screws and springs on the action parts are changed to even the feel of the piano.

Voicing –Voicing is the process of adjusting hammer felt to brighten, soften or even the sound. With time and wear, the voicing changes. Many pianos that sound loud or bright in the middle need voicing.

Restoration – To ensure full value of your older Steinway, we can send it to the Steinway Factory for restoration.  Any parts that need restoration can be worked on, but typically this is the best option for a piano that needs a new pinblock and soundboard.   This is the only way to get an authentic your piano restored with authentic Steinway belly parts.

Rebuilding (Belly or Action) – This is needed after 50 years on most really good pianos. On middle-quality brands, we wouldn’t recommend it.  We can rebuild or repair any parts that are necessary in your piano including the Action, Pedal Assembly, Strings or Belly Rebuilding.

Man stringing a piano

  • Belly rebuilding involves replacing all of the piano’s old strings, removing and repainting its plate, repairing and refinishing the bridges and soundboard and replacing the pinblock (or wrestplank). This work will restore a piano to its original condition or slightly better.
  • Action rebuilding involves replacing the worn moving parts, felts and bushings in the action. When done properly, the result is a piano that plays as good or slightly better than when it was new.

Why should I do it?  Even good pianos eventually wear out. Keep in mind that not every piano is a good candidate for rebuilding due to the costs involved. If the piano will not be worth more that the cost of rebuilding when it is completed, it should only be rebuilt for sentimental reasons.

Refinishing – Unlike furniture, piano finishes are unique and you need to work with a refinishing company that uses the proper materials and the right methods for piano finishes.  We can refinish your piano fully or just spruce up the look of an older instrument.  Give us a call and we can walk you through different finish options.

Appraisal – Our appraisal service includes our 6 point inspection and a full written report on the value of your piano.  The appraisal include wholesale and retail value of your piano as-is, estimates for repair, value of the piano after any repairs and replacements value.

Steinway Madison 6 point inspection – Our 6 point inspection provides exact details about all of the primary systems in your piano.  This is the best way to determine how a piano is functioning and what might need to be repaired or replaced.  We give precise data for the piano’s Soundboard, Action Parts, Cabinet, Pinblock, Strings and Parts Assessment.

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