Steinway Madison aspires to be your school’s primary resource for everything piano. We are happy and able to answer all questions you have, advise you on any concerns that arise, offer new and used pianos for purchase, and offer our services which include tuning, repairs, restorations, moving, and piano lessons. In addition, as an educational institution, we are able to offer you special discounts to help meet your piano and budgetary needs.

On-Site Piano Maintenance

Steinway Madison is uniquely qualified to handle all of the piano maintenance requirements at your school, including:

  • Tuning
  • Action regulation (adjustments)
  • Voicing (adjusting tone to be more mellow or bright)
  • Repairs

Our expert technicians will do a comprehensive inspection of your piano on every service call to ensure your piano is performing the best it can. They will be able to identify any issues or potential problems and give you resolutions. Several things to be aware of are:

  • Odd noises such as clicks, buzzes, double strikes
  • Keys sticking (not coming back up fast enough if at all)
  • Pianos falling out of tune very quickly
  • Difficulty in playing keys/pedals

Steinway Madison technicians are committed to performing full and thorough service, without compromise. This ensures the quality of your piano will not be endangered in any way. Your school’s assets and investments deserve the full care of a qualified, detail-oriented technician.

School and Teacher Discounts

Steinway Madison is your best resource for pianos and service around! As an institution we want to offer you premium discounts for our products and services including:

  • New and used piano purchases
  • Single piano tuning and even greater discount when tuning multiple pianos
  • Any piano repair or restoration
  • Piano lesson tuition for students
  • Piano books for students
  • Sheet music

Piano Microclimate Assessment

By far, the largest determining factor in tuning stability, performance and instrument longevity is humidity.  The ideal humidity zone a piano likes to be in is 42% and keeping it there is a challenge especially in an institutional environment. Steinway Madison can help ensure the best performance and value of your piano by:

  • Setting up a monitoring plan; we place a small recording sensor in your piano’s area for a specified time period.
  • Analyze the data
  • Generate a set of recommendations with options for improvement by a professional piano technician on staff.

Piano Fundraising Programs


The Steinway 88 Keys Program
This program teams you up with Steinway Madison who set up a special donation website to assist in gathering donations.  To start fundraising, you select the desired donation value of each key. Any individual or group of donors can team up to donate the value of one key. Alternatively, a generous donor may elect to donate multiple keys or even a whole octave!


Fundraising Concert
A concert is another great way to gather the funds you need.  The process is simple. First, identify a good venue for the concert to be held. Next, make sure you have a good piano, programs, and any food/beverages you want to provide. Finally, advertise your event to maximize the number of people attending your performance.


“Kids for Keys”
If your music students need a little extra motivation to practice, here is a way with benefits!  Your students’ hard minutes of practice can help raise money towards a brand new piano. Here is how it works:

  1. Start by determining how much you want sponsors to donate per hour practiced and then set the goal number of hours to be practiced
  2. From there, have students find sponsors to support the fundraiser.  Come to an agreement with the sponsor before starting the program as to the number of hours pledged. Once both parties agree, the students practice diligently until they reach the number of hours pledged.
  3. Once achieved, they will receive the donation money from their sponsors.

Let’s give a hypothetical example: Your students find sponsors, then propose for every $20 pledged, a student will practice for one hour. Lets say 100 students each get 5 sponsors to pledge $20 for one hour of practice. That means the students will have raised $10,000 just from practicing. That’s a lot of extra good practice for the students and lots of money saved for the school. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Piano-Wise Education

Your institution plays a crucial role in the future of our society.  Education is also very important to us, just like it is to you. Our store consists of technicians and piano players that are passionate about helping you understand everything piano-related. You deserve to know how pianos work and why they behave the way they do. You, your school, and your students are the top priorities.

Moving Your School’s Piano

Your school’s staff are NOT trained piano movers. We have decades of experience moving pianos, and we take care of your instrument in a way that no regular mover can.
It demands significant human strength and a great deal of knowledge of both the inside and outside of your instrument. For instance, some pianos are made from different types of wood, and understanding these woods and how to protect them during the move is important. Before the move, we make sure to carefully wrap the instrument so that the surface is not scuffed or scratched. During the move, we take extra care when moving in tight spaces, stairways, and elevators and use special tools and equipment when loading, transporting, and unloading.

Our office staff, drivers, and movers maintain high quality and professional customer service as well, taking care of your piano every step of the way.